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August 31, 2013
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Burrito Cat by dino-star Burrito Cat by dino-star
This is both a silly and personal thing for me to be posting.
First piece of art I have been able to finish in the month since things went haywire.
And so this is a redraw of something I did wayyyyyy back in 2008 of me and my cat, Mr. Eb.

For those of you that do not know, Mr. Eb was my baby - we found him as an older cat when I was still in elementary school, and he was there for me through all of the really bad times in my life.
Four years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes. We had just had a dog, who was his best friend, that had also gone through diabetes, and we did not have the money for his treatments.
He wasn't eating, and he would just sleep in my shower, and my mom wanted to put him down before we left on a short vacation to see family.
I pleaded that we not do that yet, and so when we left, we left him a lot of wet food and water, and I figured that if he passed while I was away, at least I was away and had time to come to terms with that.
However, when we returned, he was back to normal - full of energy, eating right, and back to his talkative self! It was great, and that continued on with his fine health and no issues until my most recent move.
He had fallen off of my bed and hurt his leg when I moved back in with my mother, and that seemed to trigger his health problems again. Shortly after, I had to put him down, and it was very hard for me considering he was what always made hard transitions in life easier.

So when I decided I wanted to try drawing something, and I saw some images of kittens, I realized I wanted to just do something goofy to remember Eb by.
So I redrew this old picture that I had done, and he will always be my burrito thief :heart:
He would actually hunt you down if you had a burrito, no joke
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DuchessFluffybutts Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 oh god... I don't think I cried this hard in a long time. cause when my house goes threw cats we have always been a cat family.  I got a new kitten and shes a year old now and I love her so much but some of my house members don't love her like I do. but she just will love on you and just will come to your side the moment your crying or sad. My grandpa had a heart attack and I was terrified and my baby came right up to licked my tear and laid by me. Pets are a sensitive thing for me cause I get so attached. 
Oh gosh.
Sad little blipity thing here:
I grew up with this old, grumpy cat named Allie that my Dad adopted a year before I was born. They almost didn't let him take her home, because he adopted her on friday the 13th, and she was a black cat (apparently people kill cats on friday the 13th, and being a black cat, that was a double whammy). But, thank goodness they did, because she lived the best life a cat could live- she was pampered, overfed MANY times, any time she looked like she might be sick, she was rushed to the vet. She lived to be 18 years old. Last spring we had to put her down.
It was incredibly hard, and we still mourn for her today. But, one thing you have to remember is, sometimes, even if they get ripped out of your life so suddenly, they're giving room for a new heart.
We adopted a puppy that summer, and he is... I can't even express in words how much I love him (His name is Archibald >v< ). There will always be a place in my heart for Allie, just like I'm sure Mr. Eb will stay with you, no matter what. You just have to remember that, out there, there's an Archibald for you too. 
I hope that helps? 
Not that it was a vent picture anyway
I just know how the death of a pet can beat you up for a long time afterwards
Long post
StarWarriorRobby Aug 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hmm, well if cats can eat other things besides fish, mice, poultry and kibbles, then that would be a funny sight to see that happen. :meow:
Haha my cats often eat things other than that. Anything from cereal to burritos.
StarWarriorRobby Aug 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
lolz. i miss my cats :'(
;w; *rolls around* KITTY
((your cat seems like the cutest thing ever!
He really was! ;w;
He was super talkative, so if you meowed at him, he would always meow back.
He loved water, and he would sit in his water bowl and splash around in the tub when it was full.
He liked when people would massage his little toes and feet, and even liked having his tail pulled on a bit!
He was really wonderful, and I miss him a lot, and I am glad I got to draw something to remember him by.
(( He makes me want to cry because I've always wanted a pet
but I live in an apartment, and my parents just say no because money you know
I always wanted a cat or dog but I could never get one
But I also am scared because Most pets live shorter than their owners
and thats heartbreaking
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