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Submitted on
April 15, 2013


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Design A Character! Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 15, 2013, 11:15 AM
Residential Goof

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:star: Design A Character! Contest :star:

:points: Win 400 points! :points:

Deadline: May 5th

Welcome to my "free-for-all" design contest!
That means that I give you some general guidelines for creating a character, but from there, you get to go crazy!

This is a contest to create a character for me to use.
So fair warning, winners will not be keeping their characters!
However, up to 3 winners will be chosen, and each will get a share of 1000 points~

This is specifically for an original species character with light anthro and kemonomimi aspects!
{ For more information, keep reading! }

:star: Specifics

    → Female characters only! → 16 – 25 age range (looks wise) → You can use a base – I suggest looking up "free to use base" on deviantart → There is no limit to how many entries you can put in! But don't spam me with silly junk. → I have given you a chart below with stuff I like and things I like in designs! Go crazy~
Inspiration Chart

{ if you can't see the image: }

    → Plain Jane designs → Clashing color schemes { see FAQ for color help! } → Super duper ridiculously complicated designs → Food. Related. Characters. { only food I will be okay with are peaches and tropical drink themes, maybe candy }

:star: FAQ

I'm bad at color schemes! Q^Q What do I do?!
    → Don't worry dude, I have you covered! USE THIS WEBSITE FOR COLOR SCHEMES. Your characters don't have to have 'realistic' colors! So if you like pink bunnies, just friggin do it~ I like most color schemes on there!
:star:Do you want a background on the character?
    → Nope! Just give me the design, but nothing else! I can work out the species information, character name, and what they are like. I just want a design, much like how you would sell an adoptable~
:new: I can't do digital art! What about me?
    → Don't worry about it! Traditional art is still okay, just be sure you link me to a digital pallet~
Do I get to keep my character?
    → Only if you lose! The winners of the contest will be paid for their designs. Losers can sell or use their designs after I have announced winners.
Can I give you a character I already have?
    → No, stop being lazy and create something that fits into my tastes. If I wanted something pre-made, I'd be using adopts.
Is this for an Adventure Time character?
    → Not exactly! It's more so just for an overall original character, though I will probably work the species information in to fit in with some aspects of Adventure Time.
:star: Does the character have to be just one species?
    → I would prefer if you mix species, actually! Example; Rabbit ears, cheetah tail, pixie wings. Just make something cute.
What do you mean by light anthro and kemonomimi?
What happens with the winners' designs?
    → I will essentially take the elements I like from all of them and create one SUPER KAWAII OC. So please don't get hurt if I change some things around! So say I like the clothes of one, the species of another, and the color scheme of another. All 3 of those people will get even splits of the points, and I will mix them all together~ All of them will be credited.

Please note me or comment here!

Make sure you read the FAQ and various info.
I know it's a lot, but please.

:star: Post your entries here, please! :star:
If I don't get a direct link, I probably will not see it ;w;


Feel free to contact me about anything related to this.

Skype: glow-fish

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Merp I have a couple designs but they're all traditional sketches because I lost my tablet pen ;v; Could I just do a little color coding and have that count?
Yup! As long as you can show me what colors go where, youre set! If you need an extension cause i was.out today, you are allowed to c:
That'd be awesome ;u; Is tomorrow evening too late?
Nope! That will be fine.
I know in the titles I put there's 4 but I changed my mind on the 4th one, sorry I didn't say so earlier! xux
No worries! I had others saying they were going to be posting some as well and they have yet to do so.
Ah, that's unfortunate D:
Please, please give me one more day! Let me submit my entry too!
You can have an extra day.
Darn it! Seems I won't make it in time anyway. I am so sorry for the trouble...
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